if you've followed COMMONWILD at all, you can see that custom work is a massive part of what makes this one-woman business go.  each individual process is different which makes custom projects so enjoyable for me. 


Q:  i have an interesting project in mind, but its not a flag... am i in the right place?

A:  damn right, you are!  i'll hand-paint and hand-sew your flag, tapesty, mural wall, 'open' sign, etc, etc, etc... let's talk!  no project is too big or too small, hit me!


Q:  will you make me a flag for my bedroom/tattoo parlour/charity event?

A:  every custom job is a story i'm proud to be a part of.  i've done it all and i'll do it again.  nothing is more rewarding than something made just for you.  use the inquiry form to send me a message and i'll get back to you within a couple of days!


Q:  custom work sounds pricey.  can i afford COMMONWILD?

A:  you can!  and its worth it!  you're shopping small, you're buying art, and it looks f*^king good, too.  the difference is real.  shop vistaprint, see if i care.  shop COMMONWILD, and you'll get the attention your project and your business deserves.  i pride myself in a personable and detail-oriented level of communication so that the end result is always 100%.


Q:  will you make me a custom bandana?

A:  yes!  write me.


Q:  i'm branding my new company & i need design/aesthetic help... is that something for COMMONWILD?

A:  yes!  i've done logo-work and branding and it's a crucial but exciting part of allowing a business to roam where it wants to roam.  let's get to work!


Q:  not a custom inquiry, but can i sell COMMONWILD in my retail store?

A:  yes you can!  send me a message here and i'll get right back to you.


Q:  where can i shop COMMONWILD in person?

A:  this list is growing, but you can test the goods at our friendly stockists, listed below:



blip roasters (kansas city mo)

fetch (kansas city mo)